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Pretty in Purple Photo Challenge

I recently had my photo "Tilikum Crossing", selected as the winner of a photo challenge on one of my favorite social media sites for photographers, Viewbug .  The community is entirely of photographers and contains numerous contests with prizes, challenges, and opportunities to learn from fellow photographers.  Prints are available for this shot and please check out the story of how I planned for the shot in the "Behind The Lens" story at the bottom of the page on the link here.

Hopefully we will be saying goodbye to winter within the next few weeks and gearing up for spring with all the wildflowers that will bloom!  Here's (hopefully) a farewell to winter taken from Starvation Creek State Park during the first of the 2016 storms.  I used a neutral density filter to set the exposure long and create the water motion seen in the photo.  If you enjoy this shot give me a +1!
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